Adding an E-mail Account to my iPhone

Occasionally I'll get a question about how to add a college e-mail address (in my case) to an iPhone.  So I thought I should post a how-to on this.

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Adding an account is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.  

Begin by taping on the settings screen icon and then scrolling to the "Mail, Contact, Calendars" line.   On the next screen, choose "Add Account."  At my college—Roberts Wesleyan College—we use an Exchange Account.  Tap your account type, enter your email, account password and a description (e.g. School Account or whatever you want to call it.).

After verifying the account, it will ask for Server, Domain and Username.  Fill in according to your account settings: Server, Domain, Username and Password.  The Password is normally already filled in.  

Press "Done" in the upper right corner and you should be good to go.  

At that point, you should decide if you want to add elements such as Calendars and Contacts.  

Don't be confused by this.  These Calendars, Contacts and Reminders are for that specific Exchange account (not your iCloud account).  If you are not using those items in Exchange, don't select them.  If you do select them and they will start to populate your Reminders and Calendar apps.  In my case, I keep my contacts, calendars  and reminders associated with my iCloud email account.  So for my Exchange account, those items are off.  But your milage may vary.  

Still need help, leave a comment below.