R.J. Stansbury

Dr. Ronald (R.J.) Stansbury is a professor of European history at Roberts Wesleyan College, specializing in medieval religious history.   He is a long time Mac user, going back to the mid 80's and the Mac Plus and SE.  

He holds a Ph.D. in medieval history from The Ohio State University and a Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  He is a former professional equestrian (rider, trainer and judge in the Hunter/Jumper community), and an avid scouter. 

In 1994 he read Umberto Ecco's excellent piece on the religious dimensions of the Mac, MS-DOS and Windows, which sealed the deal for him as a life-long Mac devotee and, ironically, a Catholic convert.  A husband and father of five above-average children, R.J. lives in upstate NY where he spends his time juggling equestrian activities with this daughters and scouting events with his boys.