Alto's Adventure for a fun distraction

If you like jumping games, Alto's Adventure hits the sweet spot.  It is a beautiful award winning game with outstanding graphics and excellent music.  There is snowboarding, giant chasms and steep slops along with lamas, campfires, rocks and pesky "elders" who don't particularly like snowboarders.  The scenery is just plain gorgeous.  

Here is what one student said about this game: 

Altos Adventure had very good visuals. I like how there is scenery change and the deer running underneath the snowboarder. It also kind of reminded me of an easier version of Flappy Bird.  It has the same concept when jumping. This game has great music and sound effects. I liked playing this game and I am worried I will get addicted!

Normal price is about $2 on the app store.  Right now it is on sale for $.99.  Check it out.  You won't be disappointed.  And if you would like some tips navigating those 60 levels, check out Serenity Caldwell's tips and tricks page on