iPhone 6 Finally


It has been long overdue for me, but I recently purchased an iPhone 6.  In fact this is my first smartphone, ever.  There I said it.  I know, unbelievable right?  For years I have been doing the juggle with my LG dumb phone (affectionately called my "granny" phone by my kids) and an iPod Touch (5th Generation).  Thing is, I have excellent wifi at home and in my office.  I simply couldn't bring myself to swallow that two-year contract with bloated data charges from my wireless carrier.  

So why did I jump now?  A few reasons.  One is that Apple hardware is a weakness of mine.  I just can't resist these cool devices.  And the iPhone 6 with its biometric security was just too much for me to ignore.  I need that.  Really, I do.  

There are a few other reasons as well.  The iPod Touch hasn't been getting the love it deserves from Apple and there has been some speculation that it's on its way out.  When I launched my iPhone 6 for the first time with its A8 chip, it was lightening fast—a big jump from my iPod Touch.  

Also as I have been relying more and more on mobile cameras, the 8MP iSight camera in the iPhone 6 is a huge improvement over the iPod Touch.  

I also like the design and feel of the new iPhone. This is a point that has been much debated this year.  It is subjective of course, but I like the refined look, simplicity and feel of this device.  It is well balanced in the hand and the extra space over the iPhone 5s is worth it for me. Yes, I'm digging it.

My last reason?  Well, it's simple.  Everyone else has one.  I can just hear my mother.  But when I heard on a recent podcast of Mac Power Users that John Siracusa (of Ars Technica fame) was doing the same wifi/dumb phone dance as I was, and that he made the jump, I knew it was my turn.

In the end, I'm glad I did.  And hey, it's only money, right?  Right?  

So now it would be great to hear from other iPhone users, particularly students.  What are your favorite apps and why do you love them?